Claim your CO2 neutral activation

We are the first CO2 neutral activation agency in Belgium!

How? At BUDA we’re all about positivity, towards people, brands and the environment. A better world starts with you, they say, so we took up the challenge…

We partnered up with CO2logic, a climate & energy adviser, that helped us to map, reduce and offset our CO2 emission. Our efforts are rewarded with the official CO2 neutral label, validated by Vinçotte.

Of course we think about our clients too :). We developed a CO2 calculation tool that calculates how much CO2 your activation will emit. You can then decide to offset this emission, by supporting our climate project in Ghana.

Find our more about our initiatives below!

We got it, the CO2 neutral label!

Finally, after months of calculating our emission, taking initiatives to reduce our CO2 emission... We got rewarded with the CO2 neutral label. Proud to be a CO2 neutral organization!

Our CO2 emission calculator

How it works? We develop your brand activation together. We input use of transport, electrics, materials etc. having an impact on your total emission into the calculator. You get your score and the possibility to offset in our climate project. As easy as that!

Saving trees in Ghana

In Ghana 95% of the population essentially relies on wood and charcoal to cook their daily meals and deforestation has become a serious issue. This project, supported by CO2logic and BUDA among others seeks to help save trees, reduce deforestation and ensure better living conditions for the local population by reducing harmful airborne pollutants in their households. Your help counts too... Offset your activation footprint now!

E-cars spotted!

As an activation company we do many hot spot tours a month, meaning a lot of fuel... Recently we installed E-car chargers, powered by Stroohm, expert in electrical mobility. Being in charge of the full activation plan for the launch of Fuze Tea, it offered our customer the ideal opportunity to use E-cars for their hot spot tour. Fuze Tea offering natural ice teas, based on tea, fruit and herbs, obviously has serious sustainability ambitions so they said YES big time. Result: a cool yet electrical Fuze Tea E-car driving around Belgium. Watch out for the green Golf!

A roof full of solar panels

By planting 700 solar panels on our 1.038,15 m² roof, we can provide our logistic center and our offices with 230.700 W of renewable energy. First flag planted!