Brand experience

Friends might forget what you say, they’ll never forget how you make them feel!

More than 70% of consumers have a better brand perception after an experience and more than 80% is more inclined to purchase*. Why is that? When a brand proves his promise, it creates credibility and long lasting relationships with its consumer. We’ve been creating experiences for 20 years… each time going for a perfect strategic fit and a better, more creative and more interactive activation.

* The experiential marketing hub research 2017


Have a drink, chill out, have a picture, have anything… that’s what you do on a festival right? Being present with your brand is telling people you’re so much fun to be around, it’s getting in their minds and there to stay!

Brand experience

Create awareness for your brand and interact with your consumer through live experiences across the country. City-, coast- or countryside, we go where your consumer is…

Parties & Events

You want to give your consumers a highly entertaining experience, immersing them in a dedicated brand universe? We create the party they will never forget!


A pop up bring your brand to the people on high traffic places and offer the opportunity to treat your consumers with an experience with a capital E. Your cool factor will definitely go up, nice bonus right!


Photo activations simply create joyful moments and memories that keep your brand top of mind long after the event

Mobile advertising

They say bigger is better. We say they’re right when it comes to visual advertising. We create custom routings for our fleet of Mobile advertising vehicles. Great for communicating on shop openings, events, important news and more! PS: ask us about our sampler option…


If you’re new in town you just want people to get to know you right? Generating trial over and over and over again is of massive importance and so is sampling!


Want to be as close to purchase as possible? Or do you want to showcase how to use the product? In store, people have slightly more time to hear what you have to say, so time to grab the opportunity!


Foodtrucks are a hype, an endless list of foodtruck festivals are proof. People love to discover new products in a casual way, having a drink, a bite and a laugh.
Don’t want to wait till people come to your store? Then bring your store to the people…

Sales Informants

Are you in need of a specific type of field ambassadors. We offer specific trainings that can make our ambassadors into sales informants for your brand. They will not only promote your brand, they’ll sell it!

Unique content

Friendship goes beyond a casual encounter: you entertain, you inspire, you help, you bond!

Advertising in between content risks getting lost in distraction. It’s the unique content that reaches your consumer. Building on the activation and based on 1 common creative idea we create locally amplified content… We help you with a consumer relevant content strategy that fits your brand and create and produce video, photo, blogs i.e. all relevant formats for all relevant screens.

Digital video
Social posts
landing pages
Data gathering

Time to pop the question: Can I get in touch?

Data is the new oil. You need it to reconnect, get to know your consumer, learn how to connect even better next time. BUDA is your wingman. We’ll help you to get the data through in-house developed software like photo activation apps, survey tools, reporting tools and more. That’s what friends are for!

In-house developed software tools

Photo application

People love to make pictures, creating memories. We developed a photo app allowing them to instantly share on social and sending a copy to their email. That way we capture their data for emailing and retargeting purposes, all GDPR proof of course.


Survey totem

Being in the field, brings you the unique opportunity to get to know your consumer. Through adaptable surveys you can collect demographic, channel specific or brand/product appreciation data.

Reporting Tool

Our reporting tools offers you a transparent and live view on all your campaign data, so you can follow up your activation campaign closely.


Out of abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks…

Yes, people share their passions and passion unites people. As such, people are more likely to trust their peers over anything. 90% trust on friends advice, 70% trust online consumer opinions*. BUDA unites your brand with passionate ambassadors and influencers to amplify what you do amongst the right audiences. * Nielsen


Ambassadors programs


Our promo girls & boys are your brand ambassador in the field, why not online? We have a large database of people happy to share your content, when fitting their passion points. We’ve grouped them according a selection of personas that fit your brand. That way we share your content in the most authentic way, through peer communication.

Influencer campaigns

We set up your influencer campaign, selecting micro- or macro influencers, fitting your brand and your objectives, to get your content out there.

Digital amplification

Last but not least we set up digital advertising campaigns that to bring your content to the right target audience on the right moment in the right spot.